Friday, May 17, 2013

Kelly Thompson at Semi Permanent Auckland 2013

*all images from

My son, Who is about to be 17 Is lucky enough to have been given some tickets to Semi Permanent, Which is an event that brings together successful and talented creative minds and people from varied creative backgrounds and industries. To share their knowledge and experiences.

The event my son is going to is in Auckland and runs over two days (may 31st-june 1st) Although it is an international event with multiple countries on the circuit and is an annual event in its 11th year.
 It is a blend of talks, exhibitions and parties. A "festival of creativity" as stated on the website.

So as you can imagine I am super jelous that my son is going! But I am however, extremely excited for him that he will be able to experience such an amazing event and have a first hand look inside the world that he is hoping to venture into when he leaves school in 18 months time. He will be so inspired!

And now I'd like you to meet Kelly Thompson.. who is the uber talented and beautiful lady who has created these stunning illustrations above.
Kelly is a Photographer, Illustrator and Art Director... told you... super talented!
She is also a guest speaker this year at Semi Permanent.
I want to purchase pretty much ALL of her artwork, I love her use of colour, subtle yet dynamic. I love her delicate style, yet her subjects exude strength and confidence, and some serious sex appeal! And the
All of the images above are available through her shop as well as lots of other incredibly beautiful prints.

Well, not only does my talented son get to go to the amazing Semi Permanent event, he is also going to meet Kelly Thompson! Squeeeee!!!! (thats me screeching with excitement!!)
She is actually the reason my son has managed to get tickets!.. thanks to a great and very generous friend of mine who knows Kelly personally and has managed to organise the whole thing.

Please, please check out Kelly's website and see what she gets up to. You won't regret it. She is already amazingly successful and I think she is only just at the tip of the iceberg! She is going places this girl!
And best of all, she is a kiwi girl making it big overseas and coming from my hometown Wellington New Zealand, well whats not to love quite frankly!

 The fact that she is happy to make the time in her busy schedule to meet my teenage son who has big dreams of making it in her industry in the way off future, just shows what an awesome lady she is.

Thanks Leah (please check out her restaurant Huxtable ) for putting the puzzle pieces together. And thanks kelly for being such a sweetheart and making it happen.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea Pea Nz my fave internet find this week

*all images from Tea Pea New Zealand

every so often i think i will do a post on my new favourite internet finds.
This little shop of lovlieness being being my first.

Tea Pea New Zealand has made my day! i have been wanting one of these Motex Label makers forever!! Watch out family, i am about to go label making mad....
And i have also been trying to find these paint your own blank matrioshka dolls forever and a day.  I know i do get excited about the silliest things. What can i say it's a memory from my childhood. I was never into dolls really, but i always loved the matrioshka.

Does anyone know what the difference is between a babushka and a matrioshka doll?..(*note to self... must find out more on this matter... this needs to be anothers days post*)
Feel free to click on the pics above to take you to the Tea Pea shop... Megs styling and photography are beautiful and her product choices appeal to the little girl in me who doesn't wanna grow up just yet.... 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


*all images from the Bolt of Cloth Marimekko store

I have loved Finnish design company Marimekko for a long time. Their fabrics and products are just amazing. Their designs are always fresh and new, a little bit unexpected but somehow classic and timeless at the same time. Not that easy to do.
 For anyone who has an interest in surface pattern design, you must have a look at their website. You will find inspiration, in many forms. From the print design process, the designers, the fabrics...

So as you can imagine i was super happy when i found the Bolt of Cloth Marimekko store In New Zealand!! It can be frustrating at times living at the bottom of the world and seeing things online that you just fall in love with.. then realise the shipping costs and hassle of getting it all the way down under destroy the dream... so if you too love Marimekko, and live down under, check out the Bolt of Cloth online store.  Here are some of the products on my wishlist click on the pictures to take you to the shop...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mothers day felt garland

 Happy Mothers day!
I made this felt banner for my Mum. She truly is the most amazing woman. If I grow up to be half the woman she is, then I will be happy. Love you mum ♥♥

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

how to weave an Ojo De Dios

*all images from JaysMandalas Etsy store

My two older kids have made simple versions of these Ojo De Dios at school in the past, although they called it plum tree weaving as they used branches from a plum tree... I was surprised at how easy the kids found it, they were eight years old at the time. The results were beautiful and looked great on adorning their bedroom walls.
They are packed away in a box under the stairs now... this how-to post on the Etsy Blog makes me want to pull them out and display them again.
I want to make one of these. The possibilites are endless for design and colors. But mine wont be as beautiful as the ones on Etsy. I'm sure it has taken Jay Mohler years to perfect his craft. you can buy his colouful Ojo De Dios at his etsy shop here.  And he also sells kits to make your own and pdf intructions to go with. Have a look they are amazing.

free cardboard horse printable from Ann Wood

*image from Ann Wood

A free printable pattern and instructions for these cardboard horses can be found on Ann woods blog
While you are there have a look at her shop to meet the owls hand stitched from vintage fabric. She names each one and gives them a personality. So much love and thought put into each individual bird.
 Her cardboard and fabric boats are lovingly crafted and detailed. Well, she seems like one very clever, patient and talented lady.  And she is nice enough to design and give away the free horse pattern.... i am stocking up on cardboard as we speak.. i want to make a whole wall of them too...
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